Dr. Elizabeth Whitaker

Gio Pelle Hydrasilk Plus

Smooth, soften, and protect skin with Gio Pelle’s Hydrasilk Plus, a specialty hydrating serum that instantly restores and seals in moisture. With a sophisticated blend of hyaluronic acid, natural emollients and potent anti-oxidants, Hydrasilk Plus hydrates and retains moisture, while protecting against environmental assault for supple, youthful skin.
• Ultra-hydrating
• Softens and smooths
• Promotes moisture retention
• Calms and soothes dry skin
• Restores elasticity
• Stimulates cellular regeneration
• Nurture, nourish and refresh skin
• Oil-Free, won’t clog pores
• Sulfate and paraben-free
• Contains no synthetic fragrances, dyes, petrochemicals or GMO’s
Gio Pelle Hydrasilk Plus